Monday, 24 March 2014

Motivational Monday!

Hi Y'all!

Instead of filling today's Motivational Monday with a bunch of pics and not so many words, I decided to do the opposite. I was scrolling through Google Images to find fab inspirational and motivational pictures to put in today's blog post when I came across this picture...

Now dont get me wrong, I've seen this picture circulating Facebook etc before, but today it really stood out to me. I had a couple of holidays that I needed to use up from work so took Friday and today off as a long weekend and believe me, I had a 'To Do List' as long as my arm! And you know what? I have done nada off that damned list! I had so many things I wanted to get done and now I find myself on the last of my days off watching back to back episodes of The OC. 

Right, enough moaning and back to the picture! Beyonce is one hell of a woman, like seriously AH-MAZING! Not only is she beatuiful and unbelievably talented, but she is a mother, a wife, fashionista, a huge successful singer/actress and an inspiration to millions! So my point? If Beyonce can, well, be Beyonce, I can bloody well gut the cupboard in the living room, hang up that canvas that has been sititng in my hall for months and write enough blog posts to keep me going for the next couple of weeks. Enough of making 'To Do Lists' and start actually doing!

Apologies for this week's Motivational Monday turning into a sort of rant, but it did kind of annoy me seeing this picture and realising how much time I've been wasting! Don't get me wrong, I've had a lovely weekend with friends and my boyfriend but these things that need to get done can still be done whilst having a social life! Like the picture says, I have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce, and you do too : )



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  3. Great post! I definitely feel motivated now haha :) Love your blog, it reads so well! Hope you are having a lovely week!

    X Emma

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