Sunday, 9 March 2014

Hair Care Favourites

Happy Sunday Y'all!

How was your weekend? My weekend was very random but good! On Friday, a couple of the girls decided to stay in with a Chinese which resulted in us going out at the last minute! Nothing like a large glass of vino putting you in the mood for a wee dance - I love random nights like that : )

My besto and I... : )

We clearly all hate a white dress ; )

I mentioned in maybe two blogs posts ago that this is the year I really take the time to get into my blogging as I absolutely love it! I love having a wee nosey at other peoples blogs too. So today I am gonna talk about my hurrr. A girl isn't complete for a night out with some polished/not so polished aka mega back-combed (big hair don't care!) hair! I have some go-to products that I use in my daily routine and on nights out.

Noomero uno has to be Lee Stafford's Poker Straight Flat Iron Protection Shine Mist. This stuff is honestly the! I have been using this product since I was about 14/15. The product has green tea in it (green tea is an antioxidant) which helps protect the hair from environmental and heat damage, reducing free radical formation caused by UV and heat styling. It also smells absolutely devine! 

I use this product whenever I straighten my hair (obvz) by spritzing once or twice onto my brush, running the brush through my hair before I go through each section with my GHD's. This results in my hair being protected from the issues mentioned above and leaves my hair feeling soft and smooth. 

The next product that has stolen my heart is the CHI (Cationic Hydration Interlink) Silk Infusion. This product is honestly worth its weight in. CHI Silk Infusion is an alcohol free (and wont leave any build-up in the hair) treatment which reconstructs and protects all hair types. It helps shield the hair from environmental damage and interlocks moisture and strength into the inner structure of the hair to improve manageability and shine whilst positively charged silk molecules restores resilience in the hair. 

I use this product when I have just washed my hair. I apply it to my damp hair and work it through from the ends up to about the bottom of my ear. I rarely dry my hair using a hair dryer. I towel dry my hair and sleep with it damp. I find that by towel drying my hair and leaving it to dry naturally it keeps my hair from drying out. I also use this product on dry hair after I have just straightened it as it promotes softness, shine and smoothness. 

Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave in Conditioner has been a favourite of mine ever since I was in School. The product is enriched with jojoba seed oil (this s**t smells amazing) which strengthens and protects the hair weakened by everyday life. It also acts as a great detangler. 

I spray this product through towel dried hair then again I just go to bed with my hair wet (I tend to only wash my hair at night).

And finally, my most favouritest loveliest hairspray in the whole entire wold! This can is like my best pal. VO5 Ulitimate Hold Weather Resistant Hair Spray is honestly a life saver! It has 5 vital benefits which are as follows:

*All day hold that brushes out easily, leaving hair soft to touch (who likes crispy hair anyways!)*
*Weather protection provides a shield against humidity for 24 hours, preventing frizz*
*Ultra-fine fat-drying spray, with no sticky residue*
*Healthy shine*
*UV filter to help protect against environmental damage*

I use this hairspray whenever I am doing a style that I need to keep in place. I usually opt for a beehive and this hairspray does the job perfectly! I also use this product to keep my side fringe (which has grown out and looks a bit mental now) to keep in place as it tends to split down the middle as I have weird "cow's licks" all over my head!

There you have it, my cheeky wee hair faves! Let me know if you use any of these products and love them as much as I do, or if you are thinking about purchasing the products mentioned or even just your own personal hair faves. I love talking to you guys and sharing little tips and advice!


 *** Please note, I have very thick hair and this is my own personal hair care routine. I find that this is the routine that works best for me and may not work best for other people. You have to use products suited to your hair type. I can use all of these products together as my hair doesn't get greasy very easily : ) ***


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