Sunday, 9 March 2014

Life Lately...




1. I borrowed my pals play suit on a night out. Think it was from Topshop, I loved it! 2. So in love with my Michael Kors watch <3 3. Lattes and kittens = perfect lazy day : ) 4. Practicing make-up looks. 5. My amazing boyfriend & I on a night out <3 6. Valentine's Day. 7. Make-up I done for some friends for a wedding, they looked beautiful : ) 8. Super Bowl Party! 9. My bedside table : ) 10. My yummy Graze box - I get them delivered to my work every Wednesday (review coming soon!) 11. Lunch at TGI's. 12. Night out with my faves <3 13. Lunch at a little restaurant called 'Angels'. It was sooo yummy! 14. My teddy-gown Guy got me for Christmas - so in love! 15. Home-made guacamole. 16. Blackberry Fizz cocktails.



  1. Oh wow your MK watch is so so so beautiful... I love the sparkles around the dial! You're soooo pretty <3 xxx

    Gemma //

    1. Aw thank you soo much! I wanted that particular MK for ages and was lucky enough to get it for Christmas from my boyfriend : )