Thursday, 17 October 2013

Trick or Treat!

 Good morning my little pumpkins!
I thought it would be fun to do a little Halloween themed post seeing as I am abso obsessed with Halloween! I can't wait for my trick or treaters to come round! My friend might be having a small Halloween gathering at her house the weekend of Halloween so hopefully I'll get to dress up, don't know whether to do my make up like really really scary or just go as a cat? I swear there is nothing cuter than a wee black nose and a couple of whiskers drawn on with your favourite eyeliner! What are you guys planning on going as?
So back to the post! I nabbed all these pics of my beloved Pinterest...I love Pinterest. I always look to it for ideas, beauty-related, DIY or for the home!
To start off lets talk PUMPKINS! I loooove pumpkins, I previously made pumpkin pie which turned out delilsh! Recipe post to hopefully follow ;) I do like carving pumpkins but it gets so messy and I'm super clumsy so I know if I don't have adult supervision I'll end up cutting my thumb off... :/ So, alternatively I thought about other ways to jazz up your Jack O' Lantern this hallows eve, see below.
How gorgeous is this lace pumpkin?? All you do is buy a pair of pretty lace tights, slip your pumpkin into one leg then just cut to size! Simple, yet effective : )
This pumpkin is so unbelievably pretty! This would look gorgeous sitting next to the lace one above. From the looks of it, this requires a bit more handiwork... The pumpkin looks like it may be covered in silk cloth and possibly glued together underneath. Find a really pretty metallic paint to paint the stalk (is that what you call it?) and add some lush jewels to give it that WOW effect. And hey presto, a pumpkin fit for the Queen.
I love the pumpkin at the front but I'm not so sure about the one at the back because you cant really tell that its a pumpkin :( The pumpkin at the front looks like it has been placed in the centre off some see through meshy material and then gathered at the top with pretty ribbons.
Now these two little pumpky-wumpy-umpkins are just the cutest little things I have ever seen! In terms of how to do it, the picture is pretty self-explanatory. SO CUTE!!!!
Now for the goodies for your little trick or treaters!
These fruit cups are fab for the people who don't want to just through sweets and crisps at kids when they come to your door. Use a sharpie to draw the Jack O' Lanterns face : )
These Jack Skeleton cupcakes are so adorable. To cheat, just get a box of chocolate muffins and spread over some luscious thick white chocolate and decorate with black icing...simples!
Right, I am deffinitley doing this! So easy to do! Just get some white tape and wrap around the juice box and add googly eyes. Mummies will love this, get it?! Ha Ha!
I have to tell you guys something, its a secret so shhhh.....I freakin' LOVE owls! I think they're are the cutest fluffiest little things! This picture had to sneak its way into the post purely out of the cuteness factor!
This 'hand-bag', get it?! Oh my, I am on a roll today! Yeah, so anyways, this handbag for trick or treaters is such a good idea! Just grab some disposable clear gloves and stuff with lots of treats! If you can find any spooky rings, slide them on the fingers once the hand is full for that extra spook-factor!
I need this sign in my's amazing! I love the little quote that's on it...
"When witches go riding and black cats are seen...tis 29 days until Halloween!"
Hope you guys liked this post! What are you doing for Halloween? Parties, trick or treating, bobbing for apples....let me know in the comments below!


Monday, 14 October 2013

Weekend Love...

Good morning dolls!
How are we?! Right first of all...I am trying to pick a winner for my giveaway! I'm trying to do it at random but then I feel bad and start again ha ha! A post will be coming soon regarding the winner of my giveaway so stay tuned!! As usual, I am ridiculously busy! I really need to sit down one day and write loads of posts so I have a post to put up everyday, but I am finding it really difficult to get into a routine.
This weekend just past was soo good! My boyfriend and I had a lovely relaxing weekend and didn't have anything to go to which was good, as I sometimes dread the weekend if we have to go to lots of things! So here are a few snap shots of what I got up to : )
We bought a pumpkin at the weekend to make pumpkin pie with and I HAD to get a photo of Lilly with it. She's your typical black cat and she looks absolutely adorable posing with the pumpkin. She is still so tiny, bless her!
This is a snap of my pumpkin pie! I had never had if before, and Guy said I wouldn't like it...but I LOVE pumpkin spiced lattes etc so I knew I would like it! It was sooooo good! I even made an extra batch of the filling so I could freeze it for when I next make it  : )
On Friday night, Guy made some cocktails. He's very creative in the kitchen and whipped up some strawberry, raspberry and pomegranate fizz's which had gin and soda in it too, yummy! We also watched the latest Batman film (which I wasn't really excited about) and it was amazing!! I was even crying at the end!
I love my boy <3
On Saturday, we went to this Hawaiian bar in Glasgow which is called Tiki Hut, I think! The drinks were amazing and the interior was out of this world! I actually felt like I was on Holiday! The barman was so friendly and helpful. I was having mocktails cause I was driving and he was more than happy to mix them up for me and even said that if I didn't like it he would alter it! Bless him! (I have no idea why there was a coffin in the tiki hut : / )
The actually cocktail glasses were so cool! They really added to the whole 'tiki' experience!
I dug out all my Halloween/scary films that I want to watch leading up to Halloween. There's nothing like Tim Burton to get you in the Halloween spirit! Whats your favourite Halloween/scary movie??

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

November Wish List!

It is currently nearly half way through the month which means I have already started thinking about what I am going to buy with my next wage ;) There are so many things I would like, but a few things I am deffinitley considering spending my next wage on are listed below. I have also started buying Christmas presents for people! So expect my very own Christmas Wish List coming soon : )
I have wanted a pair of Ugg Meenas for ever! They are just the cutest little things ever! They look so cosy yet not as full on as Ugg boots. I have about 3 pairs of Ugg boots and my latest pair are nearly done with the amount I wear them!
Elle at Dreaming in Blush absolutely swears by this Christian Dior Creme de Rose Smoothing plumping lip balm. I watch all her youtube videos and she makes out that its the holy grail of lip products. I must have this!! Also, its meant to smell absolutely gorgeous!! 
I have just about finished my bottle of foundation so am looking for a new one. I have heard such good things about this Chanel Perfection Lumiere Fluid foundation. And based on my latest Chanel products it must be amazing! 
As it is starting to get colder, I have been wearing my Hollister parka to work. However, I don't think it goes well with my usual work attire so I would love to get a trench coat/mac. This one from Gant is lovely and looks really sophisticated!
I am absolutely obsessed with buying stuff for my home. I love neutral colours like creams and have been looking for a new rug for my living room for ages! This one from IKEA is deffinitley the one, so I'm going to start nagging Guy to go halfers with me when we get paid ;)
Lately to wind down before bed, I have been lighting a candle. I feel like it really helps me relax and de-stress me, however my current Yankee bedside candle I have is nearly gone. I think its called Sparkling Snow from last years Christmas collection. These large candles burn for about 110 hours so they're absolutely a must for the cold winter nights to come! I am deffinitley getting Yankee Candle's Snowflake Cookie on my next shopping trip!
This wish list has turned into a 'deffinitley getting when I get paid list', ha ha! What are you guys wanting to get when you next get paid? Let me know in the comments below : )
PS. I will be announcing the winner of my 50 followers giveaway shortly ; )

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Busy Bee...

Good morning my loves!
As I said last week, I have been such a little busy bee and have not been able to work on my beloved blog! To assure you that I’m not telling porky pies, below are some pics of the past week and a half…
I've been trying to wind down before I go to sleep and a candle does just the trick, along with my Bath and Body Works Pillow spray in lavender and vanilla : )
I saw this on Facebook and thought it was bloomin hilarious! Its what a cat looks like from underneath a glass coffee table!
I have been experimenting with a lot of make-up looks recently (tutorials to follow) and been loving using the MUA matte palette.
I used Chanel in 'misty soft' on my eyes here 8-)
I bought these beautiful flowers out of Morrisons for a couple of quid! They remind me of the flowers in the garden in the film 'Coraline' (one of my faves)!
I have been eating and drinking so much crap, but its soooooo good! We got a Chinese last week - I got duck pancakes, mini spring rolls and salt & chilli chips. Guy made Blackberry Fizz cocktails to go along with our dinner : ) If you would like the recipe for Blackberry Fizz, let me know in the comments below...
I have been spending so much on ebay bad! I got this Abercrombie & Fitch cardy for £12!
When Guy go his wages, he made us steak for dinner, yum! We had it with a large mushroom cooked in garlic butter, chips and whiskey sauce. We bought a deep fat fryer so we could have chips the naughty way ;)
When I downloaded ios7 I had to delete all my apps including Snapchat! Once I remembered to re-download it, I had a lot of fun sending my pals crazy snaps!
I have been absolutely loving the weather. I'm one of those people who love the rain and colder weather. Don't get me wrong, I'm crazy about Summer, but if I had to be a season (sounds weird) I would deffinitley be Autumn : )
Although we've been having take-aways constantly, I always try and eat healthy in work. This is a pic of my usual daily salad.
Love a bit of vino so I do ;)
Oft, now this was AMAZING! We got this Indian tapas mixture from our regular Indian restaurant because we had never tried it and it was honestly the best take-away I have ever had! Absolutely amazing!
Lilly is being as crazy as ever, she just loves climbing up my legs...especially when I've only got my jammie shorts on! :(
More work lunch pics : )
Chanel mascara freebie that I got with my recent Chanel purchases! It is so amazing I am going to have to buy it in full-size!
The flight down to London for my exam was lovely :)
But I missed this gorgeous girl though!
Me & my other half attended an engagement party on Saturday. It was loads of fun and was a nice way to relax a bit before my big exam!
What have you guys been up to?? Let me know in the comments below.
Ps. I have finally reached 50 followers!!! Now I just need to pic a winner and post their goodies!

Friday, 4 October 2013

Chanel Cream Blush Review!!

Hello there my beautiful girls!
How are we all? It sure is safe to say that Autumn is officially here! Its getting a bit chillier, the leaves are falling and my vanilla latte sitting to my right is steaming away…
I want to start of by apologising for my lacks of posts lately. I have an exam on Monday that I need to sit for my work that I’ve been studying for and I have had the flu!! Last weekend was September weekend, so it was my first long weekend in agesss, and I woke up on Saturday morning congested and extremely ill! Rage! I am now on the road to recovery though, thank goodness!
Even though I was terribly ill on Monday, my friend and I went shopping – my wages were burning a hole in my pocket! I got a few bits and bobs and will do a proper haul post soon, but for now, I would like to do a review on one particular item that I am really excited about.
A while ago, I wrote a post on my Autumn wish list and mentioned Chanel’s Autumn Collection. On Monday I ended up getting two products from Chanel, a nail polish (which I will do a mini review on soon) and Le Blush Crème De Chanel in ‘Revelation’, which funnily enough I said I probably wouldn’t purchase in my wish list post as I thought it was too red for me. What an idiot to think  it only came in one colour! Ha ha!
The photo doesn't do the colour justice! Its a gorgeous rosy pale-ish pink in real life. Its absolutely gorgeous and compliments my skin tone really well.
The texture is so beautifully creamy but feels like a powder when applying. I prefer to use my fingers as I feel I have more control over the amount I am applying.
As always, Chanel packaging is absolutely beautiful.

On my skin the blush looks very natural and looks more like an autumn flush than actual makeup, which I love about it! Ps. I have a huuge spot on my chin and a bit of mascara on my nose, annnddd my hair looks green cause I was in the office when this photo was taken! LOL!
So yeah, girls if you're near a Chanel counter, seriously get this blush! It will be the best purchase you will make this season and you will honestly fall in love!
If you have any makeup products that you're loving this season, let me know in the comments below!
PS. Only TWO followers until I can pick a winner for my giveaway!! EEEEEE excited!!!!