Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Pretty Little Things

A couple of weeks ago I went home to visit my mum. She took me and my boyfriend out for lunch then took us to a lovely little antiques shop where we picked up a couple of things for the flat. I absolutely adore the shabby chic look just now, so the majority of our items were just that.

My dressing table was purchased out of that antique shop when we first moved in....

Out little bedside column was the perfect location for our new bird cage mirror.

This is the storm lantern we got, which was our favourite find! We placed some church pillar candles inside and it looks beautiful at night. I think some fairy lights would look gorgeous inside it at Christmas time...

What do you guys think? : )


Ps. Almost forgot to include this unique little piece...the birdcage and column were also bought from the antique shop but the little owl was purchased from the garden centre where we had lunch : )


  1. Hi Lucy! I've found your blog through pumpkin decor search :) This owl is the cutest! I really like owl ornaments, mugs etc. xoxo Mila