Tuesday, 5 February 2013

M.A.C Holiday Collection - 'Primped Out Lip Look Bag: Lavish Coral'

Yay! First Review, okay, here goes...

So I begged and begged my boyfriend to get me anything, and I mean anything from MAC's holiday collection for Christmas. When he finally decided to do his Christmas shopping (on the 23rd of bloomin' December I'll have you know) the holiday collection was sold out *sad face*
However, the most beautiful time of year finally came (the January sales) and I managed to pick up the 'Primped out lip look bag' in lavish coral. 

So the cute leopard print clutch contained a lip pencil in 'Boldly Bare', a creme sheen 
lipstick in 'Shy Girl' and a creme sheen glass in 'Kiss me Softly'.

The lip pencil is absolutely fab, Its sharp and accurate and goes on like a dream, 
The colour is a neutral orangy-brown and is a perfect liner for the lipstick and glass.

The lipstick is very creamy. The colour is nice, its a natural pinky-orange toned colour. 
Although the lipstick feels amazing when it first goes on, I feel that it doesn't last 
very long...Thats my only issue with it.

The lip glass is a gorgeous nude and like the lipstick is also extreamley creamy. 
Its not sticky in the slightest which is a must for me cause I hate the feeling of sticky lip glass!

Shown above are all 3 swatches - Excuse the pastyness of my skin, haven't tanned in a week! The lip glass is on the left, lip pencil is in the middle and the lipstick is in the right :)

And below is what all 3 look like on my lips...

Overall I highly recommend this kit. Its fab value for money! It may not be in stock anymore, but I'm sure Frasers and Debenhams will still sell them :)

Hope you enjoyed my first review! Please leave a comment with any advice or products you recommend :)

Have a nice day m'lovelies,

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