Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Pucker Up This Valentines Day

Howdy fellow beauty lovers ;)

Want to have the perfect kiss this valentines day? Well follow these simple steps for fabulously kissable lips, mwah!

First of all, EXFOLIATE! Nothing makes your lips softer than getting rid of any dry skin. Use a nice lip exfoliate like the lip scrubs from lush.

Next, MOISTURISE! I am obsessed with Nivea's new range of lip butter, my favourite is the caramel butter one.

Now line your lips with your favourite lip pencil. MAC's lip pencil in Boldly Bare is fantastic for a nude lip. And for a red lip try Rimmel's lip pencil in wine for a more dramatic look. A little tip of mine is to completely fill in your lips with the pencil, it acts as a great base and makes your lipstick stay for longer.

Swipe your most loved lipstick over your lips.

Finally, use a highlighter! This is a little trick to make your lips look bigger. I used MAC's highlghter in 'soft and gentle'. Use your finger to apply a little to the bottom of your cupids bow, just where it meets your lips. Then add a little to the centre of your bottom lip and voila!

Valentines day ready lips!

Now pucker up, mwah!


Photo: topwalls.net

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