Wednesday, 6 February 2013

PLL - who is the girl in the red coat?

*Potential Spoiler Alert*
If you haven't read the Pretty Little Liars books, then look away now!

If you love Pretty Little Liars then you would have already seen last nights episode. I've read the books so I kind of know what's happening although the tv series does differ in some ways. 
According to the books Ally had a twin sister, a trouble making little girl who got sent away to boarding school I think, when she was younger. Don't quote me on that, I'm gonna have to look that up cause it was yonks ago that I read the books. However the siblings end up getting switched and its really the evil twin acting as Ally while the good twin is away. So I'm guessing the series is gonna play out along those lines where one twin is still alive. From what I can remember, the night of Ally's murder, the twins switched places again, and it is actually the good twin that gets murdered....I think this is such an exciting story line and I really hope the series sticks to it!

What are your PLL theories? Let me know guys :)



  1. ... and now we know. And I'm really happy that, you know who is you know what ;) I'm wondering about the twin thing though.The've suggested few episodes earlier that Cece and Alison used to like switching places and switching personalities games and that Ally's mother was terrified of that, so maybe there will be no twin swap after all. But I also wish they stick to it, it's a really good twist ! xoxo Ps- I haven't read "Crushed" yet.

    1. I've still to read the rest of the book! The TV show is soooo good though too! I'm addicted!