Tuesday, 11 March 2014

January/February Favourties

Hello dears : )

I wanted to start doing monthly favourites blog posts and thought I would be awkward and start nearly half way through March! I love reading monthly favourites posts and having a right wee nosey at what other bloggers have been loving.
From this post on, I will aim to (hopefully) get a Monthly Favourites blog post out at the end of every month and if I don’t you have my full permission to give me a good telling off!
 So here we go…

 Beauty Favourites
Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation

I think this foundation is the best foundation I have ever used. I have combination oily skin so find that foundations tend to cake in my t-zone after several hours of wear. As this foundation is a mousse I find that it blends really well and has amazing shine-control which leaves my skin with a lovely matte finish. It has excellent coverage too! I apply the foundation with my MAC stippling brush and find that it is also excellent at minimising the appearance of pores.
MUA Extreme Felt Liner

This may be no surprise, but I HATE applying any form of liquid eyeliner. I never seem to get both eyes even and proper liquid liner usually make my eyes water as soon as I am outside batteling the UK elements. But this little beauty by MUA has been my saviour. Not only is it super easy to apply, but it lasts all day and is like really really black! I love it! It doesn’t make my eyes water either no matter how windy or sunny it is which is perfect. At £2.00 as well its an absolute steal!
Hair Favourites
Lee Stafford Poker Straight Flat Iron Protection Shine Mist

As mentioned in my favourite hair care post, this product has been my favourite since I was in school and it has remained my favourite up until now. With the central heating being on all the time during the colder months, this product really helps control my hair and stops it from going frizzy after straightening or fluffy.
Food Favourites
Kirkland Dried Blueberries

Guy and I tend to go to Costco once a month to stock up on the basics. When we were last year I saw this product and thought they looked awesome and I was right! They are honestly soooo good! They’ve also lasted for ages!

TV/Film Favourites
The Wolf of Wall Street

Guy and I saw ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ when it came out. I had been dying to see it ever since I first heard about it. I think I saw a teaser trailer for it at some point waaaaay back in 2013. I mean anything with our pal Leo in it is a must see in my book! I fell in love with him all over again in ‘The Great Gatsby’ so knew he would again be perfect eye candy in his latest film. The film was so edgy and funny, I honestly was in stitches at certain points throughout the film. Leo is a great actor, I’m actually devastated that he didn’t win an Oscar (isn’t everyone) as I really think he deserved it. I’m actually so surprised he never won an Oscar for Titanic, I mean, what the hell?!
American Horror Story

 Ahhhhh, ohmygoodness! I was absolutely obsessed with this TV show through the months of December, January and February. We just finished watching the last of Season 3 the other week. All I can say about this, is that you HAVE to watch it! It’s an American show which we watched online. The 3 seasons consist of 3 different story lines and have nothing to do with one another. Each seasons have a combination of the same actors though. The first season was about a murder house set in the present. The second season was about an insane asylum set in the 60s and the third season is half set in…I can’t actually remember, but it was a loooong ass time ago, and the present and it was about a witch’s coven. The show is completely original, witty and a tad scary. Definitely a must see! I cannot wait until the next season is out!

Music Favourites
Of Monsters and Men – Silhouettes. 
I heard this song during the ending credits of The Hunger Games ‘Catching Fire’ (which I should have mentioned in my Film Favourites cause it was amazing!!) and fell in love, I immediately downloaded it off iTunes and have been listening to it constantly ever since. 
Calvin Harris – Under Control.
One word…amazing.

Human Favourites
My Guy.

 He is usually always my favourite human in the whole entire world. Well, when he isn’t driving me insane…

And that's it for my January/February Favourites! What were you favourites from the past months? Let me know in the comments below!


**Images sourced from Google images, except the last one of my boy and I**


  1. I loved the Wolf of Wall Street! Although I do wish Leo had won the Oscar, Matthew McConaghuey did thoroughly deserve it! xx

    1. I know, it was so good! Yeah I've heard he was good in the Dallas Buyers Club but I'm yet to see it. Thanks for taking the time to have a wee read : )


  2. Hi Lucy! I loved this post...I am going to start with monthly favorites posts!!! Really nice!
    If you want we can follow each other...

    Bye, Stefy

    1. Thanks, hopefully I can keep these posts up! I'll check your blog out just now : )


  3. I've just got used to applying liquid eyeliner, years of habit! Love the Lee Stafford shine stuff too xx Rebecca - UK style blog

  4. The rimmel matte bb cream is also amazing, and American Horror Story has pretty much changed my life! ADDICTED.

  5. American Horror Story is one of my fave shows too! The Coven was so much better than last season's and I can't wait for Freak Show!!!

    xx Alyson
    Beauty Vanity