Tuesday, 10 September 2013

A Quick Update....

Howdy y'all!!

Sorry i've went a bit AWOL! My work has been crazy lately! I went down to London last week on a training course and went a bit wild in duty free ;) So expect a couple of reviews & a hauls coming your way soon!!

Also my baby bumblebee's battery died yesterday so I've been trying to get hold of a new battery (at a decent price) and have it installed! Considering even getting a new mini to be honest cause the amount of times my little car has been not well is ridiculous! 

I have also managed to FINALLY get my locks sorted out! Got a cut and colour (see below) for £40 which is amazing considering how long my hair is!! 

I've also been going a bit nutso with buying clothes eBay and primark! Sooo a little clothing haul is in order I think!!

Anywayssss, I PROMISE to get some new posts up throughout this week because this just isn't acceptable ;)


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