Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The Autumn Tag

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I spotted this tag on www.makeup-pixi3.com and thought it was an excellent idea for a post! I am going to tag some fellow bloggers at the end of this post but feel free to do the tag!
1.    Favourite thing about autumn?
Oh that’s hard! I don’t think I only have one main favourite to be honest. I love everything about autumn. The colours (leaves, fashion), smells (burning leaves), tastes (pumpkin spiced lattes)…everything!!
2.    Favourite drink?
It has to be either the pumpkin spiced lattes that Starbucks do at this time of year or Nescafe’s instant gingerbread latte! Wouldn’t say no to a hot chocolate though ;)
3.    Favourite scent/candle?
Well I’ve already mentioned that I love the smell of burning leaves. So candle wise, I love Yankee candle ‘blissful autumn’ and ‘fireside treats’.
4.    Best lipstick?
I usually stick to the same colours all year round which is bad! So I am gonna try hard to work a dark lip this fall/winter. I particularly like the vampy look.
5.    Go to moisturiser?
Definitely Clinique’s dramatically different moisture lotion for combination/oily skin J
6.    Go to colours for the eyes?
I always tend to do a smokey eye, usually like to use brighter colours in the spring/summertime but I love a dark smokey eye for the fall.
7.    Favourite music or band/singer to listen to?
I love to listen to Paramore and Florence & the Machine at this time of year. I think Hayley’s and Florence’s voice are really suited to the colder months if that makes sense!
8.    Favourite outfit to wear?
Layers! Lots and lots of layers!! Boots/uggs, leg warmers, tights, shorts, vest, long cardigan and a scarf!
9.    Autumn treat?
Lots and lots of cuddles to keep warm!
10. Favourite place to be?
Definitely at home, with candles lit, watching a film, drinking hot chocolate whilst cuddling into my boyfriend and kitten.
Hope you have enjoyed reading my answers! 
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