Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The Liebster Award...

Rachel from has nominated LAX for the Liebster Award. The Liebster Award is a great way for bloggers starting out to get to know each other a bit better which made me want to participate. Thanks so much Rachel for nominating me!
So the aim of the game is to answer 6 questions that have been chosen for you by the blogger who nominated you, then to think up 6 new questions to ask up to 10 bloggers that you follow with 200 members or less.
 My 6 questions are:
1)     If you could go back to any era in time, which would you visit?
The 1920’s. I recently saw The Great Gatsby and fell in love with the time. The fashion, architecture, music and attitudes are what simply draw me to the era. Another thing that I love about this decade were the attitudes of men. They were still gentlemen and that’s to find a gentleman these days is a rare thing!
2)     Can money buy happiness?
Not.At.All. I am one of the happiest people in the world, but that is due to the people I surround myself with. End of.
3)     Favourite place you've visited
Inverness with Guy, it was a truly wonderful trip and I enjoyed every minute.
4)     One word to describe you
5)     Favourite animal
No, no, no! This is not fair!! I have so many! I love my kitten to death! I also have a thing for clown fish, penguins, OWLSSSSS and horses.
6)     One product you can't live without.
My Bath & Body works Lavender and Vanilla Sleep Spray J
My 6 questions are as follows…
1)     Favourite book?
2)     If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be and why?
3)     All time favourite film?
4)     Favourite person and why?
5)     Your best memory?
6)     If you were to take two things (item/person) to a desert island what/who would it be and why?
So the bloggers I am nominating for The Liebster Award are…


  1. Great answers! :)

  2. Such a pretty blog! Thanks for the great read-lovely answers-especially Q2 so beautifully straight forwardly put :)Congratulations on your award!

    1. Thank you so much, that really means alot!


  3. Thanks so much for answering my questions.... Love your answers! :-)

  4. Thank you for nominating me, Rachel : )